The Regional Inspection of Environment and Waters (RIEW), Vratsa, is a territorial sub-division of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, Sofia. It controls and monitors the environmental components in the region of Vratsa.
In accordance with the environment regulatory requirements, the REIW carries out control activities in 10 municipalities: Vratsa, Mezdra, Kozlodui, Oriahovo, Biala Slatina, Roman, Mizia, Hairedin, Borovan and Krividol.
For the purposes of successful performance of its main functions and activities, the RIEW has established a good coordination among the departments in the Inspection.
The overall administrative management of the RIEW is carried out by the Director and the administrative management of the different departments is carried out by the corresponding Heads of Departments. There are three types of employees in the RIEW:
    1. State Employees, in accordance with the SEA (State Employees Act);
    2. Employees under Labor Contracts, in accordance with the LC (Labor Code);
    3. Employees under Civil Contracts, in accordance with the Council of Ministers Letter (CML) No. 66/29.03.1996 about employing personnel for certain activities in the State Organizations.
There are two types of positions in the RIEW: experts and managers.
The personnel under item 1 above are appointed by the RIEW Director with an administrative act, in compliance with the SEA;
The personnel under item 2 above are appointed by the RIEW Director by signing a Labor Contract, in compliance with the LC;
The RIEW Director and the Head Accountant are appointed with an administrative act by the Minister of Environment and Waters, in compliance with the SEA.

  Public Activities in the RIEW

All employees of the RIEW are members of an independent trade-union organization.
A collective labor agreement is annually concluded between the RIEW Management and the trade union. The contractual clauses are agreed and developed in compliance with the LC and the SEA and are valid for all trade-union members.
The trade union executive body offers and the members' general assembly approves cultural and social activities in which take part all of the members.

Tel.: 092/ 62 47 61


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